Church History

History of Second Baptist Church 

In the year of 1946, after many months of pryaer and discussion, twelve men met in the home of E.R. Peters on North Adams for the purpose of organizing the Second Baptist Church. After many prayers we made up enough money to get started. 

We rented an upstairs building on Commercial Street, which was used by a Lodge. On December 29, 1946, at the First Baptist Church in Lebanon, we were received into the fellowship of the Laclede County Baptist Association under Dr. V. L. McKee, moderator. The following names were Charter Members: 

J. C. Dove, Ordained minister as the pastor

Mrs. J. C. Dove

Rev. J. W. Jeffries 

Ralph Hough Sr., ordained deacon

Mrs. Ralph Hough Sr. 

Gene Eidson, ordained deacon

Mrs. Gene Eidson

Mr. M. L. Duell

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Smith

Mr. Wando Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hough Jr. 

Mrs. Della Clinkenbeard

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Clinckenbeard

Mr. & Mrs. Opel Bradshaw

Mr. Claude Peters

Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Miller

We had services in the rented Lodge  Hall until the spring of 1947. 


Charter Members- December 27, 1947

Rev. John C. Dove

Rev. J. W. Jeffries 

Ralph Hough Sr. 

Gene Edison

Mrs. J. C. Dove

Mrs. Ralph Hough Sr.

Mrs. Gene Eidson

Mr. M. L. Duel

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Smith 

Wando Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hough Jr. 

Mrs. Della Clinkenbeard

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Clinkenbeard

Mr. Claude Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Opel Bradshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Miller


A lot located on South Madison, where the church is presently  located, was donated to the church by Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Peters. The church started with a basement, 40' x 70' on a lot 52' x 100'. The cost of this basement was $3,500. A note was made at the State Savings Bank and signed by E. R. Peters. Our first service in the basement was on Easter Sunday of 1947. God blessed in a mighty way, souls were saved and additions by letter were added every service. When Bro. Dove resigned as pastor, Rev. Will Huffman was called to be our pastor. The church continued to grow and there were many who came into the church while Bro. Huffman was pastor. 


Bro. Huffman then resigned as pastor and Bro. Cecil Smart was called to be our pastor. The church continued to grow and decided to build a new auditorium. This was built in 1952 at a cost of about $25,000. The church was still growing. 


When Bro. Smart resigned as pastor, Bro. Kenneth Bandy was called as pastor. During his ministry the church purchased a lot 25' wide, adjoining the south side of the church property for $500. Later the church bought two lots and houses south of the 25' lot, giving the church property extension to Hayes Street. The amount of this purchase was $23,000. Also during Bro. Brandy's ministry we purchased property in the Booten Addition, 221 Fairfax, and built a parsonage at the cost of $7,500. Bro. Brandy had a very successful ministry. 


Bro. Brandy resigned as pastor and Bro. Dale Hufft was called to be our pastor. The church increased and grew. Many additions were added to the church. 


Bro. Dale Hufft then resigned as pastor and Bro. Bob Ebersold was called as pastor. During his ministry the church voted to build a new auditorium and educational building. In the year of 1966 the church erected the building we presently are in. 


Bro. Ebersold resigned about the time the building was completed andthe church called Rev. John Doolittle as pastor. Under his ministry the building was completed and the old auditorium was made into class rooms for Sunday School. The total cost was around $100,00. Bonds were sold to finance the building. At this time the church had a membership of over five hundred. 


Then, when Bro.Doolittle resigned as pastor, the church called Bro. R. L. Humphreys as our pastor. His first Sunday as pastor was August 8, 1971. 


April 1, 1973, Bro. Humphreys turned in his resignation. Rev. Dwayne Reed began his ministry February 1, 1974. During Rev. Reed's ministry the church sold the parsonage and established a housing allowance. The church grew under his short ministry. Reed resigned August 1975.


Benny Gard was called June 6, 1976. The church continued to grow with souls saved. Under his ministry the church purchased a house and lot across from the church for future expansion. At present time the lot is being used as one of the church parking lots. Also, a pastor's study and church office was established in the old auditorium, as well as a beautiful chaple room to be used for counseling and prayer. Bro. Gard was pleased to have a celebration service for burning the Note C around $100,000. June 1980. Benny Gard resinged Aprill 1983.


September 3, 1983, Leaford J. Elam was called to pastor Second Baptist Church in Lebanon. September 4, 1983, the Elams were united with the church on promise of letter from Johnstown Baptist El Cajon, California. They have one foster son, Jim. Bro. Elam's ministry has been a blessing to the church and community. Rosalie teaches Sunday School class, Adult 1 Singles and Couples 18-32. She is a member of the adult choir. She teaches adult Discipleship evening class. She is a member of WMU "Night Owls" and also director of GA girls on Wednesday night. 


1992: Revival April 5-9, 1992, under the direction of Rev. Richard Green, Evangelist and Ralph Coley, Song Leader. 

1992: November 1-4, Fall Revival by Evangelist, Dr. Surrette with Gale Lawson, Song Leader. 

1993: Spring Revival, April 11-15, 1993 with Bro. John Gilbert, Evangelist and Dennis Moore, Song Leader. 

The Evangelist's basic theme was "Are you ready?" as a group of church members for revival. "Revival starts in first one heart, was it yours?"

Had a good attendance each night in spite of the rainy cool weather. Many commitments wre made. Was truly a great revival of success for the "Glory of God."

Bro. Leaford J. Elam was called to pasor the church September 3, 1983. Under Bro. Elam's ministry to date there were three pictorial directories printed. This helps members keep in touch by names, addresses, and phone numbers in each book. Many additions have been added to the church, names elsewhere in the book.  

A Church History book has been kept up from 1946 to date 1993 to interpret the past and present and to inspire and influence the future ofhte faithfulness of Second Baptist, to God and a witness to His people. 

The following accomplishments were done during the church year of 1992-93. A handicap ramp with railing was built to aid our handicapped; auditorium painted and a staircase built inside the auditorium to the sound room; upstairs classroom and hallway remodeled and painted; carpeting was laid on stairways; asphalt was laid on the parking lot and parking stripes added to facilitate parking; the roof of the educational building was recovered and the bathrooms in the fellowship hall were completely remodeled with additional facilities being made available. Adult January Bible Study, Matthew 5-7, "Design for Discipleship" by Don Steward, taught by Bro. Elam on Wednesday Nights. 

Bro. Elam believed as a Pastor his responsibilities were outlined in God's word of 1 Peter: to feed the sheep, love the sheep, protect the sheep and lead the sheep. This has been Bro. Elam's desire to carry out these things to the best of his ability with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly, not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; neither as being lord over God's heritage, but being examples to the flock. 1 Peter 5:2-4

Bro. Leaford Elam resigned December 31, 1993. Bro. Tommy Weems was called June 26, 1994 and resigned March 31, 1995. Bro. Roger Marshall was called to pastor Second Baptist Church on September 3,1995. 

Former Pastors 1946-1996

John C. Dove                           Dec. 29, 1946-Sept. 16, 1948

William Huffman                       Oct. 14, 1948- Nov. 2, 1950

Cecil Smart                              Dec. 7, 1950- May 15, 1960

Kenneth Bandy                        Nov. 21, 1954- May 15, 1960

Dale Hufft

Bob Ebersold                                                  -Jan. 1965

John Doolittle                           Sept. 11, 1966- April 4, 1971

Robert L. Humphrey                 Aug. 4, 1971-April 11, 1973

Dwayne Reed                          Feb. 1, 1974-Aug. 1975

Benny Gard                             June 6, 1976-April 1983

Leaford J. Elam                       Sept. 3, 1983-Dec. 31, 1993

Tommy Weems                       June 26, 1994-March 31, 1994

Roger A. Marshall                   Sept. 3, 1995-2015 

Mark McMullin                         July 2015- January 2017

William (Bill) Garrett                October 1, 2017